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Format my New Hard by wrong

I recently purchased a 320 GB Seagate hard drive and copied about 40 GB of my personal data to the partition D of my drive. The data was very necessary for me and now I don’t have any other backup copy of the data. As I formatted the new hard drive by wrong, now I don’t have any backup copy of the data. Your advice will be highly appreciated if you guide me regarding recovering data from the hard drive.

Rely on the following important steps; this will help you to recover data from your hard drive.

  • Don’t use your hard drive further.
  • It is hard to recover your data, if it is overwritten once.
  • Always opt for a best recovery application for the recovery of your lost folder and files.
  • According to the opinions of a lot of computer users, Disk Doctors Instant File recovery application is a best tool for recovery purposes.
  • The software has best search algorithms and can search almost all file types.

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