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How to recover my formatted computer?

A few days back, I purchased a desktop computer for home. I copied some memorial photos and videos to it. My niece deleted that data from my computer as he sometimes play games on the PC. He formatted the whole partition and now I really need the data. I don’t want to lose the data forever, since I don’t have another copy of it. Please help me to recover my old data from formatted computer.

You can still easily recover the lost data. Just keep in mind the following instructions:

  • Don’t use the drive further, it will overwrite your existing data.
  • Make use of a recovery application like Disk Doctors Instant File Recovery Software.
  • Keep in mind that; do not install the software in the partition that you want to scan for files.
  • Attach your computer’s hard drive with another healthy computer as slave drive.
  • Install the application to the master drive.
  • Start the scanning process by selecting your desired partition for recovery.
  • After you recovered the files, store them in some safe location.

For further inquiries and assistance you can reach Disk Doctors at: 1.800.347.5377.